Home Evaluation

Save up to 30% off the cost to sell your by using Worry Free Real Estate when you Sell and Buy (in succession)!

A Home Evaluation helps you find the list price that puts the most amount of cash in your jeans while getting your home sold fast. The “Free Home Evaluation” advertised on billboards, bus benches and all over social media cannot be done with just the click of a button. There is a little more to it. To determine the perfect price, we first look at what has sold and what is currently on sale In your neighborhood. Second, we go through the features and upgrades your home has (or does not have) and compare them to those listings. Finally, we use a huge Realtor exclusive database to factor in everything from building materials to inflation. Getting a Home Evaluation is totally free and requires no contract or commitment whatsoever. Send me your details on the form below or call or text now at (403)-255-5555.

What's my home worth?


Yes...it is an actual, real phone number.